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Comming Soon ! Check it out and bookmark it for the near future. We hope to bring lots of features from Contests to Live interviews besides good music.
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Hello and welcome to DO Academy or Dark Orbit Academy.This is a teaching tool for the Academy, event log and schedule as well as a meeting place for all Dark Orbit pilots interested. As I said any that are interested are more than welcome to attend courses or read the information, but the Academy's main focus is teaching the newer players of Dark Orbit what they should and need to know so they do not become some veteran's kill stat.

This Academy is the brain child of CAADOS. We feel it is important to keep the new players playing Dark Orbit, but not only do we want them to stay we want to help them learn to not be targets. Hence the creation of the Academy.

Who is CAADOS ? Well CAADOS or Clans Allianced Across Dark Orbit Servers is a coalition of clans from all servers that share the same ideas and desires for Dark Orbit. We are interested in keep the "playing field" as even as possible and all share one simple but huge idea, "No Ship Left Behind".

So please take some time and read over the information we have available for you and maybe follow some of the links to their parent sites. The Forum should be a useful tool as well and if you think there is something we might be missing please post in the forum. If you feel when you are done perusing the information that you would like to learn more of what we can offer then feel free to attend any of the courses listed in the schedule below.

Thank you for your time

CAADOS Management
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Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

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This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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New to Dark Orbit? Can't make heads or tails of the bio skylab and techs ? Want to learn how to pvp ? DO Academy is for you! We want to help the newest players and older players get the knowledge they need. There is no clan affiliation just sign up for site then sign up for courses want to take.
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